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Viledon R1 Intake Filter 20/box Available in 20" x 20" or 20" x 25"

Original price $362.31 - Original price $418.46
Original price
$362.31 - $418.46
Current price $362.31

R-1 self-supporting filter panels and links are designed for 95% efficiency on 10 micron particles and larger.
R-1 panels and links by Viledon air filters offer superior filtration of supply air to paint sprat booths where controlled laminar flow is a requirement.
R-1 panels and links have a proprietary tackifier completely encapsulating all fibers eliminating particle migration due to mechanical vibrations associated with paint spray booths.
R-1 panels and links are also available with a scrim option on the air-leaving side, enhancing mechanical integrity.
The series of R-1 air filter panels are environmentally friendly, designed to comply with most landfill regulations.
UL 900 Class 2
The temperature resistance of these Viledon air filters is: continuous 212 degrees Fahrenheit, peaks 250 degrees Fahrenheit