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NUF 450X Precat Clear Lacquer 18.9L/Pail

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$16.57 - $16.78
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Sold by the Litre.  Order as 4L(Gallon) or 19L(Pail)

NUF 450X AMARIUM™ Conversion Lacquer - MatteAxalta’s Amarium Conversion Lacquer is a high performance, pre-catalyzed lacquer formulated for use on kitchen cabinets, furniture, or anywhere a tough, durable coating is needed. Amarium Conversion Lacquer is designed to be a self seal system, but
may be used with an approved companion sealer if desired. For professional use only. For Wood Substrates Only. Ready and Easy to Use:
• Premium, single-component finish
• Ready to spray, no catalyst required
• Fast drying
• Excellent clarity
• Easy to use and apply with excellent flow and build properties
• Excellent mar, water, solvent and general chemical resistance
• Easy to sand with excellent re-coatability
• HAPs-free and low-VOC formulations available