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Norton 5" PSA A975 Disc 100 Discs/roll

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$55.74 - $76.10
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Use this Dry Ice A975 coarse grit paper PSA disc roll to equip your Wood, machine or auto shop. With a coating of P-graded seeded-gel ceramic alumina abrasive, this disc roll provides consistent cuts over a longer period of use. The backing is made from flexible C-weight latex-saturated fiber for improved tear strength. A water-based, non-pigmented stearate No-Fil coating helps prevent color transfer and reduces loading so you can enjoy fewer disc changes during a job. The roll format makes it easy to grab a disc and stick it to your orbital sander, before tackling aluminum, fiberglass, wood and composite materials. Abrasive : Ceramic Alumina Attachment : Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing Material : C-wt. Anti Loading Paper