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LWS47XX Zenith Waterborne Powder Glaze 3.78L

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Sold by the Litre.   Order as 4L(Gallon)

Zenith™ Waterborne Powder Glazes are unique glazing products used for creating antique looks and other special effects. They are
designed to be applied over a sealed and sanded surface, and then either wiped off while still wet, or removed with a Scotchbrite™
pad (or similar) after the glaze has dried to a powder. These glazes must be top coated. They are fast drying, have very little odor,
and clean up with water. Choose from four popular ready-mix colors or an unlimited color palette available with the Color Choice™
program. This product is designed for professional use only.
1. PRODUCTS • LWS4710-Black LWS4712-White
• LWS4711-Burnt Sienna LWS4713-Van Dyke Brown
Before using, mix at slow to moderate speed until there is
no material on the bottom of the container. If tinting,
colorants must be mixed in with a shaker or mechanical
agitation such as an air mixer or drill.
3. SHELF LIFE @ 77°F (25°C) • 24 months from manufacturing date
4. CLEAN UP • Clean equipment with warm water. If coating has dried,
acetone may be required to remove dried film. Keep
container closed when not in use to avoid skinning
5. SURFACE PREPARATION • Surface must be clean and dust free with a moisture
content of 6-8% prior to finishing. Remove all dust,
dirt, wax and wood marks. Proper sanding and
preparation of the wood is critical to achieving
consistent results.
• On new wood, finish sand surface with 150-180 grit
• On previously finished wood, remove all old paint or
varnish and follow new wood procedure.
6. COMPANION PRODUCTS • Zenith Waterborne Precatalyzed Lacquer
• Zenith Waterborne Conversion Varnish
• Can also be used with Valspar’s solvent borne Lacquers,
Precatalyzed Lacquers and Conversion Varnishes
7. TECH NOTES • No thinning is recommended.
8. SUBSTRATES • Commonly used furniture and cabinetry woods
NOTE: Not to be used on exterior applications
10. APPLICATION • Ready to spray. May be used as a self-seal topcoat. No
thinning is recommended.
• Do not apply more than 4 coats at 3-4 wet mils per coat
when used as a self-seal system. Maximum film thickness of
the total coating system must not exceed 4 dry mils.
AIR DRY @ 77°F (25°C)
Flash 5 Minutes
Bake 5 Minutes @ 130°F
Cool Down 10 Minutes ambient
Gravity Feed 1.6 mm - 1.8 mm
Siphon Feed 1.8 mm – 2.0 mm
Airless 10 – 15 thousandths
Air-Assisted Airless 11 – 15 thousandths
Gravity Feed 30-35 psi (2.0-2.4 bar)
Siphon Feed 35-40 psi (2.4-2.8 bar)
Air-Assisted Airless 5-10 psi (0.3-0.7 bar)
See spray gun manufacturer data for more information
Viscosity N/A
Weight Solids % 20.2-24.09%
Volume Solids % 9.1-10.55%
Actual VOC .13-.2 lbs/gal of Product
VOC Ratio (lb.voc/lb.solids) .06-.09 (lbVOC/lb solid)¹
Regulatory VOC
(less water and exempt solvents) 137.43-191.25g/l
Weight Per Gallon 9.5-9.82 lbs/gal¹
Flash Point 299ºF Closed Cup
Theoretical Coverage 146-169 ft/gal @ 1 mil dry
VHAP (lb.HAP/lb.solids) 0.0 lb VHAP/lb solid
Photochemically Reactive No
Coating Category Pigmented
Dry to touch 15 Minutes
Flash between coats 30 Minutes
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