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GOUDEY 4L #1 w/ 1L #2 Leblanc Wood Bleach Kit

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Wood Bleach
LeBlanc #1 - LeBlanc #2 Wood Bleach 5L Kit
Goudeys’ LeBlanc wood bleach kit is a high quality industrial strength two component wood bleach for lightening the natural wood tones of unfinished wood substrates. This mixture will generally bleach the most difficult woods. The ratio of parts can be adjusted if a stronger bleaching solution is required. It is very important to read and follow the instructions fully to ensure product performance, proper storage, and applicator safety.

As a rule, two component wood bleaches have a short shelf life. The optimal time span for peak product performance is 1 to 4 months from point of manufacturing. After this time wood bleach begins to weaken in strength. Goudey monitors and adjusts their manufacturing batch sizes with respect to bleach kit sales to ensure that the product sold on the shelf is at peak performance.