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AUW7000 White Ultragard Conversion Varnish Primer 18.9L/Pail

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AUW7000 This product is a post-catalyzed, acid cured primer formulated for high build and superior performance on MDF and other wood
substrates used in interior finishing. When properly applied with the companion topcoat, the film properties of this system provide a
tough, durable finish that passes all KCMA performance standards. For Wood Substrates Only.
2. MIXING RATIO • All products should be stirred well before use and, for best
results, continuously agitated while in use.
• Catalyzation:  3% 399-5003 by volume
• Reduction: 20-25% YYT1009 by volume
• Always catalyze first then reduce the material
3. SHELF LIFE @ 77°F (25°C) •18 months as packaged
4. CLEAN UP • Dispose of dirty solvent and cleaning rags in a safe and
compliant manner. Solvent or lacquer soaked rags should
be stored in water-filled, closed containers prior to disposal.
5. ADDITIVES • Use if needed to extend dry times YXT1008 PM Acetate
max. 5% by volume
6. SURFACE PREPARATION • Surface must be clean and dust free with a moisture
content of 6-8% prior to finishing. Remove all dust,
dirt, wax and wood marks. Proper sanding and
preparation of the wood is critical to achieving
consistent results.
• On new wood, finish sand surface with 150-180 grit
• On previously finished wood, remove all old paint or
varnish and follow new wood procedure.
7. COMPANION PRODUCTS •AUW710X Ultraguard™ White Conversion Varnish
•AUW720X Ultraguard™ White Conversion Varnish
8. TECH NOTES • See additional notes section for any further instructions
9. SUBSTRATES • Commonly used furniture and cabinetry woods
NOTE: Not to be used on exterior applications
10. APPLICATION • See application notes for detailed instructions.
AIR DRY @ 77°F (25°C)
Flash 5-8 Minutes
Bake 15 Minutes @ 125°F
Cool Down 10 Minutes ambient
Stack After cool down
Gravity Feed 1.6 mm – 2.0 mm
Siphon Feed 1.6 mm – 2.0 mm
Airless 10 – 15 thousandths
Air-Assisted Airless 11 – 15 thousandths
Gravity Feed 30-35 psi (2.0-2.4 bar)
Siphon Feed 35-40 psi (2.4-2.8 bar)
Air-Assisted Airless 5-10 psi (0.3-0.7 bar)
See spray gun manufacturer data for more information
Viscosity 70-78 KU Stormer
Weight Solids % 61.70%
Volume Solids % 43.78%
Actual VOC 3.99 lbs/gal of Product
VOC Ratio (lb.voc/lb.solids) 0.60 lb VOC/lb solid
Regulatory VOC
(less water and exempt solvents) 481.70 g/l
Weight Per Gallon 10.41 1bs/gal
Flash Point 1.0º F Closed Cup
Theoretical Coverage 702.3 ft/gal @ 1 mil dry
VHAP (lb.HAP/lb.solids) 0.27 lb VHAP/lb solid
Photochemically Reactive Yes
Coating Category Pigmented
Formaldehyde Wt % 0.01
Dry to touch 10-15 Minutes
Flash between coats 25-35 Minutes
To Stack Overnight