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60.050 maxjet compact blow gun w/ safety tip

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Compact blow gun + safety tip maxjet
Standard quantity 1
Category  Non-restricted blow gun
Subcategory  Standard air jet
Length  0-15 cm (0-6 in)
Thread   1/4 (F) NPT
Noise Level   88-121 dB


Technical specifications and certifications
• With safety nozzle
• Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI
• Connection: 1/4 (F) NPT

Material(s):  • Body: Zinc

Features and benefits
• Safety nozzle prevents blockage
• Should the tip become blocked, the airflow is diverted through the side ports keeping the static pressure below 30 PSI to meet OSHA and other Health and Safety Agencie's Standards

Operation and installation
If the tip of the nozzle is blocked, the air escapes through the side holes and the static pressure remains under 30 PSI meeting OSHA and other Health and Safety Agencie's Standards

• Users should never use blow guns to clean themselves
• A vacuum or a safety cleaning unit should be used instead

• Drying, cleaning of parts, and cleaning surfaces before painting