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5" x 4" x 1/2" Double Sided Abrasive Sponge Various Grits Available

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Ideal for fine sanding – the Klingspor abrasive sponge SW 501
The flexible abrasive sponge SW 501 by Klingspor even makes it a snap to sand profiled contours with perfect precision. Available in a wide selection of grits, this abrasive is a fine choice for work on

varnish and
The abrasive sponge is washable and reusable, a feature that lets it retain its usability for a long period.

The SW 501 – aluminium oxide embedded in a soft foam core
The Klingspor abrasive sponge SW 501 is equipped with a soft core made of foam, which lets it contour perfectly to curved surfaces, profiles and other shapes. The abrasive grain is applied to both its top and its bottom side. The abrasive grain used is aluminium oxide, which is tough and hard at the same time. Just as all other grains they use for their abrasives, Klingspor makes this grain synthetically to guarantee consistent properties. Since its quality never deteriorates, synthetically made grain is also ideal for high production manufacturing industries. The abrasive sponge SW 501 is furnished with aluminium oxide, which has been applied with a close coating to leave behind only a minimum number of small gaps. This close coating provides for a high removal rate and a uniform scratch pattern. Another advantage of the close coating is the long service life it lends to the abrasive.

Washable and reusable abrasive
The fact that the abrasive sponge SW 501 is washable and reusable also offers a good lifetime. This product provides keen hobby craftsmen with the tool they need for various kinds of projects. The SW 501 by Klingspor is, however, just as commonly used in professional applications. Examples of such professional use are the perfect sanding of wood profiles and the smoothing of filled surfaces. Another field of application involves the intermediate sanding of painted and varnished surfaces. No matter which application it is used for, the SW 501 has the perfect dimensions to always fit perfectly in the user's hand, allowing for quick and effective fine sanding.