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10x80T x5/8" Bore Carbide tipped ATB Melamine Blade

Original price $179.19 - Original price $179.19
Original price
$179.19 - $179.19
Current price $179.19
Diameter 10"
Teeth 80
Kerf (B) .134” (3.4mm)
Bore 5/8"
Grind HATB- High Alternate Top Bevel
Hook Angle - 6°
Technology Carbide Tipped
Material Melamine, Laminate Boards
Machine Portable Saw, Miter Saw, Sliding Mitre Saw , Portable Table Saw, Radial Arm Saw, Stationary Table Saw, Vertical Panel Saw
Max. RPM 7,600

Precision quality sawblades are especially suitable for Miter Saw Machines and table saws.

  • Carbide tipped for maximum performance
  • This blade is furnished with a NEG 6° hook angle for a reasonable finish
  • High-quality copper plugs ensure reduction in turbulent noise by 30%