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101402USOMD Zeta P2 set 120V US P Groove Cutter HW Diamond

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The Zeta P2 is the biscuit joiner for P-System connectors and is used to create the formlocking P-System groove within seconds.
The integrated vertical mechanical drive is automatically triggered at the maximum cutting depth and performs a lateral cutter movement for the P-System groove. Connectors with various functions and different sizes can now be inserted into the form-locking P-System groove. The insertion into the groove is quick and without tools. Zeta P2 with diamond tipped cutter, in a systainer

Zeta P2
P-System cutter, diamond tipped
Stop square
Suction stubs 23 + 36 mm
Angle disc
Spacer 2 mm
Spacer 4 mm
Tool set
P-System drill jig incl. drill