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10-24 CL 10" x 24CT 5/8" Bore Rip Saw With Chip Limiter

Original price $92.47 - Original price $92.47
Original price
$92.47 - $92.47
Current price $92.47
Diameter 10"
Teeth 24
Kerf (B) .126” (3.2mm)
Bore 5/8"
Grind FTG- Flat Top Grind
Hook Angle 20°
Technology Carbide Tipped
Material Natural Wood
Machine Portable Saw, Miter Saw, Sliding Mitre Saw , Portable Table Saw, Radial Arm Saw, Stationary Table Saw, Vertical Panel Saw
Max. RPM 7,600

For ripping natural wood. Safety feature prevents kickback. Easy feed and faster cut. Added Cooling Holes for faster heat dispensing.

  • Carbide tipped for maximum performance
  • Flat Tooth Design with a 20° hook angle, resulting in a rough edge
  • High-quality copper plugs ensure reduction in turbulent noise by 30%