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49.985 3 Stage Filter Regulator Filter, Coalescer, Dessicant

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Desiccant dryer kit 1/2 (f) npt 25 scfm
Standard quantity  1
Category  Desiccant air dryer
Desiccant air drying and filtration system
AirFlow (SCFM)  Less than 24 SCFM
Thread   1/2 (F) NPT
Working Pressure (PSI)    175 PSI

Technical specifications and certifications
• Port Size: 1/2 (F) NPT
• Maximum Airflow Capacity: 25 SCFM
• Dimensions: A) 36.2 cm x B) 10.2 cm x C) 41.3 cm
• Desiccant Capacity: 1.1 kg
• Maximum Working Pressure: 175 PSI
• Pressure Range: 0 to 125 PSI
• Working Temperature: 4 to 49 °C
Features and benefits
• 5 micron filter with automatic drain
• 0.01 micron coalescing filter with automatic drain
• Highly visible color change from blue to pink through sight glass highlights the need for silica gel service
• Space-saving integrated filter/regulator with gauge
• Safety slide valve included

Operation and installation
As wet compressed air flows through the silica gel desiccant beads, it adsorbs water vapor and aerosols. The silica gel desiccant beads are so effective, the air humidity can be reduced down to a -40 °C pressure dew point.
Unless compressed air is exposed to a temperature below the dew point, there will be no further condensation forming in airlines.
The dry air then passes through a sintered bronze element, up the center tube, and out the outlet port.
As long as the silica gel desiccant beads are maintained regularly, the desiccant air dryer will produce ultra-dry, moisture-free air.
When the blue silica gel desiccant beads in the sight glass change to pink, the beads need replacement.

1st stage: FILTRATION
The air first enters the particulate filter, which has a 5 micron element
In this stage, corrosive moisture, pipe scale, dirt and rust are removed from the air network

99.99 % of oil and aerosols are removed from the air
Fine filtration also takes place and microscopic particles down to 0.01 micron or 0.3 micron (depending on model) are removed

3rd stage: DEHYDRATION
As the air enters the desiccant air dryer, it is dispersed through a filter element which distributes air evenly through the silica gel desiccant beads
The silica gel desiccant beads adsorb water vapor from the air, producing a -40 °C pressure dew point

Upstream from the desiccant air dryer, always install a water separator or particulate filter to remove bulk moisture and a coalescing filter to remove oil.
Downstream from the desiccant air dryer, always install a regulator.

Ideal for:
• Spray painting
• Protecting air networks exposed to freezing temperatures
• Instrumentation
• Moisture sensitive tools
• Laboratory instruments
• Controlled air systems